House and bathing regulations for the indoor and outdoor swimming pools of the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer

I. General

  1. The house and bathing rules serve the safety, order and cleanliness in the baths of the pilgrimage city of Kevelaer.
  2. The house and bathing rules are binding for all bathers. With the payment of the admission ticket, each visitor accepts these as well as all other regulations issued for the maintenance of operational safety.
  3. The bathing facilities are to be treated with care. In case of misuse, culpable contamination or damage, the bather is liable for the damage.
  4. Bathers must refrain from anything that is contrary to good morals and the maintenance of safety, peace and order.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the indoor pool in accordance with the NRW Non-Smoker Protection Act. In the outdoor pool, smoking is only permitted outside the changing room, sanitary and bathing areas.
  6. Glass containers (bottles, cans, etc.) may not be used in the changing, sanitary and bathing areas.
  7. The staff of the bath exercises the domiciliary rights towards all visitors. Visitors who violate the house and bathing rules can be temporarily or permanently excluded from visiting the bath. In such cases, the entrance fee will not be refunded.
  8. Photography and filming are generally not permitted.
  9. For the prevention of vandalism and violence as well as for the enforcement of house rules, video surveillance is carried out in the indoor swimming pool. Further information is available on public notices in the area of the main entrance to the indoor pool.
  10. Wishes, suggestions and complaints are accepted by the supervisory staff or the plant management.
  11. Lost property must be handed in to the staff. Lost property will be disposed of in accordance with the legal provisions.

II. opening hours and access

  1. The opening hours and closing time will be announced publicly. Closing time at the ticket office is 1 hour before the end of operation. Water time ends 20 minutes before the end of operation.
  2. The management may restrict the use of the bath or parts of it.
  3. Access is not permitted:
  4. Persons who are under the influence of intoxicating substances,
  5. Persons carrying animals,
  6. Persons suffering from a notifiable communicable disease or open wounds; in case of doubt, a medical certificate may be required.
  7. Persons who cannot move around safely without assistance and children under 7 years of age are allowed to use the pools only with a suitable escort.
  8. Each bather must be in possession of a valid entrance ticket for the corresponding service.
  9. Redeemed admission passes or chipcoins will not be taken back, and fees or charges will not be refunded. No replacement will be provided for lost admission passes and chipcoins.
  • Special supervision in bathing (water supervision) school and club swimming
  1. Water supervision during school swimming is the responsibility of the teachers. They must have earned the German Lifeguard Badge in Silver and be trained in first aid.
  2. When the pool is used by clubs or groups, a person from the club or group must responsibly manage the practice operation. This person must have a valid silver rescue certificate not older than 3 years. The supervisor must also be trained in first aid.
  • Liability
  1. Bathers use the baths including their facilities at their own risk, without prejudice to the obligation of the operator to maintain the baths and facilities in a roadworthy condition. The operator is not liable for force majeure and coincidence as well as for defects that are not immediately recognized even when exercising the usual care.
  2. Liability for the loss of valuables, cash and clothing, as well as for their destruction or damage, is excluded in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.
  3. The operator or his vicarious agents are liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss only in cases of intent and gross negligence.
  • Use of baths
  1. The bathers have to lock the cabin or the locker themselves, they have to keep the key with them during the bath. For lost keys etc. an amount of 25,00 Euro has to be paid. The loser will get this amount back if the key is found.
  2. Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age are generally only allowed to use the collective changing rooms intended for them. When accompanied by adults, children up to 6 years of age are allowed to use individual cabins.
  3. The pools may be used only after thorough body cleaning.
  4. The use of soap outside the shower rooms is not allowed.
  5. The bathers are not allowed to enter the barefoot corridors, shower rooms and swimming halls with street shoes.
  6. The stay in the wet area of the baths is allowed only in usual bathing clothes.
  7. Jumping is at your own risk. Teetering is not permitted. When jumping, it is essential to ensure that
    1. the jump area is clear,
    2. only one person enters the springboard.
  8. The responsible supervisory staff decides whether a facility is released for jumping.
  9. Jumping in from the side, pushing or throwing other persons into the pool, as well as swimming under the jumping area when the jumping area is released are prohibited.
  10. The use of flippers, diving goggles, snorkeling equipment requires special permission. The use of eye protection goggles (swimming goggles) is at your own risk. The use of swimming aids in the pool is not permitted.
  • Special provision for outdoor pools
  1. Locked lockers will be opened by the staff after the bath is closed.
  2. Ball games may only be played in the designated areas.
  3. In all other respects, items 19-21 of Section IV and the items of Section V applicable to outdoor swimming pools shall apply mutatis mutandis.
  • Exclusions
  1. The house and bathing rules apply to general bathing operations. Exceptions to these house and bathing regulations may be permitted for special events without the need for a special cancellation of the house and bathing regulations.
Kevelaer, April 2019 The mayor Dr. Dominik Pichler
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